Tony Khan CW talks,

Rumor Roundup (Nov. 10, 2023): Tony Khan CW talks, LA Knight heat, AEW exit, Raw botch, more!

AEW exit, Raw botch,

Perhaps the second most popular activity among pro wrestling fans is speculating on the rumors surrounding the matches. We examine the most recent rumors being spread by the pro wrestling rumor mill in this daily column. Rumor Roundup Tony Khan CW talks, LA Knight heat, AEW exit, Raw botch, more.

Remind yourself that rumors are just that: rumors. All of this information is merely circulating among pro wrestling rumors and has not been verified as true. Every week, we track the accuracy of rumors in a feature called Rumor Look Back, which you can find here. Remind yourself to always exercise caution.

Tony Khan CW talks,

Tony Khan CW talks,

Rumor of the Day: According to Haus of Wrestling, Tony Khan was approached by a high-ranking CW executive at the LA Forum in June 2022 regarding the possibility of bringing Ring of Honor content to the network. It is was unsuccessful because Khan “refuses to seriously entertain new deals for ROH until AEW TV rights are in play, which will be in 2024.”
In response to Booker T’s assertion that he overheard people complaining about LA Knight’s attitude, BWE said that Knight is “absolutely loved” in the WWE in an effort to “shut this down.”

That AEW and The Bunny “mutually agreed to part ways” was what sources told PW Insider. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio believes there’s a chance SmackDown will move to Saturday nights under its new TV deal, and TKO is thinking about putting on a package that would have WWE PPVs on Friday nights and UFC PPVs on Saturday nights at the same location on a given weekend.

Meltzer added that the Intercontinental Championship matchup between GUNTHER and Miz Even though Miz and Ivar were meant to pin each other simultaneously in this week’s Raw match between the top contenders, the championship was always WWE’s goal for Survivor Series. The original plan was for Miz to win the title match by defeating Ivar on Raw the following week. After this week’s disastrous finish, Ivar made the spontaneous decision to moonsault Miz to set up their match the following week.

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