NFL Power Rankings 2023: Week 7, All 32 Teams

NFL Power Rankings 2023, Week 7, All 32 Teams

The number of teams I can confidently rank in the top 10 drops each week. I think the Panthers, Bears, Patriots, Broncos, and Cardinals are demoted in this scenario, so I’m tempted to simply start at six and proceed from there at this point. Savor the NFL. No teams remain unbeaten in the modern era….

The number of teams I can confidently rank in the top 10 drops each week. I think the Panthers, Bears, Patriots, Broncos, and Cardinals are demoted in this scenario, so I’m tempted to simply start at six and proceed from there at this point. Savor the NFL.

No teams remain unbeaten in the modern era. There are just five one-loss teams left.

It’s looking like this will be one of the least predictable years yet.

NFL Power Rankings 2023: Week 7

NFL Power Rankings 2023: Week 7, All 32 Teams

NFL Power Rankings, 2023:

The number of teams I can confidently rank in the top 10 drops each week.


NFL Team Rankings:

It’s looking like this will be one of the least predictable years yet.

1: San Francisco 49ers

Even though they fell to the Browns, all other teams have suffered losses this season, and the 49ers have the strongest record thus far. Nevertheless, Brock Purdy may have had his worst game ever, and there are now multiple injury concerns regarding the offensive line. Despite those problems, the 49ers had a chance to defeat maybe the best defense in football—just a missed field goal away. Prior to a crucial game against the Bengals, who are on a roll, they should settle down against the Vikings on Monday night.

2: Kansas City Chiefs

I don’t feel strongly about the ranking of the following three teams, but the Chiefs are practically here by default. Kansas City has won three of its five games, despite playing a weak schedule, and their 19-8 victory over the Broncos is hardly noteworthy. This week’s game against the Chargers could be a better test for them.

3: Buffalo Bills

Although they beat the Dolphins in Week 4, the Bills have now lost to the Jaguars and almost lost to the Giants. Still, a win is a win. Though it has been a season of highs and lows for a squad that has lost numerous key players to injury, a trip to London might help explain those troubles. The Patriots are next, which is fantastic news.

4: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins played better in Week 6 than the two teams above them, but they are only two games away from getting destroyed by the Bills, and their five victories this season have come against five different teams. They will have two opportunities to present their case: on Sunday night against the Eagles, then in Week 9 against the Chiefs.

5: Detroit Lions

The Lions have only lost in overtime to what seems to be a very solid Seahawks club thus far, but they have also defeated the Chiefs. This week in Baltimore, they will have another opportunity to win a big one. Right now, Detroit’s defense is ranked 10th in terms of points per drive allowed and seventh in terms of yards per play allowed.

6: Philadelphia Eagles

Against the Jets, Philly’s poor performances finally caught up to them. With less than two minutes remaining and no timeouts remaining for the Jets, the club turned the ball over four times, including a game-ending interception by Jalen Hurts. Hurts got two yards on four throws after New York scored on the ensuing play, and the game was lost. This offensive has felt strange all season, even with their unbeaten start. This week they host the Dolphins, which should make for an exciting game.

7: Dallas Cowboys

A close group of teams consisting of seven to twelve clubs has both significant wins and tough defeats. I would not argue too much with any order here, just like the top three AFC teams. As it stands, a comeback victory over the Chargers gives the Cowboys the top slot. The defense appeared solid against a potent Chargers team, but the offense is still having trouble producing big plays. Over the bye week, they must devise a more offensive strategy.

8: Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks had multiple opportunities to win that game in Cincinnati, so maybe they should be ranked lower than the Bengals after losing to them this week. They have also started the season with a stronger resume. This week’s matchup between the Seahawks and Cardinals comes before the schedule becomes much harder.

9: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars defeated the Colts with ease after their thrilling triumph over the Bills. But the passing game still seems off, and Trevor Lawrence is now sidelined with a knee problem. Although there are still doubts about their offensive, they should be able to win this division—be careful of the Texans. Positively, the defense has performed better than anticipated.

10: Cleveland Browns

Although Cleveland’s victory over the 49ers without their primary quarterback is the most remarkable victory of the NFL season thus far, it is difficult to rank them higher due to their significant offensive long-term concerns. In maybe the finest football division, a great defense—even the top defense in the league—can only get you so far. Simply put, the error margin is too narrow. To actually realize their Super Bowl potential, they need Deshaun Watson to be fit and performing well.

11: Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have fallen short against Kenny Pickett and Gardner Minshew, while their finest victories of the year came against the Browns with Dorian Thompson-Robinson starting and an injured Joe Burrow. They still lead the division thanks to those two victories, but they must improve offensively when playing a strong squad. This week, they will have an opportunity to play the Lions.

12: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals overcame a terrible start to win crucial games against the Cardinals and Seahawks. They now have a week off to regain even more strength before playing two crucial games against the 49ers and Bills. If this team is truly returning, those games need to tell us.

13: Los Angeles Chargers

The hardest team to rate is the Chargers. They are currently at 2-3 and will probably be at 2-4 after this week. I want to move them down, but I’m not sure who should go before them. Justin Herbert is without a doubt the greatest quarterback in that group, every team after this has major problems, and the Chargers have only lost by a narrow margin against strong opponents twice. The bad news is that the schedule still includes two games against the Chiefs, Lions, Ravens, and Bills. To reach ten wins, they will need to defeat at least one of them clubs and win every other game.

14: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The offense is still having trouble getting anything going on the ground, and it appears that Baker Mayfield will not be able to hold his own against the stronger teams. The division appears to be ready for expansion, and the schedule is extremely advantageous.

15: Houston Texans

Their defense is playing well enough to win games, and C.J. Stroud is the genuine deal. The Texans’ remaining opponents include the Panthers, Cardinals, Broncos, Jets, Colts, and two games versus the Titans. DeMeco Ryans is a great Coach of the Year contender if they can actually go for nine victories.

16: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers, like a number of clubs in the league, are attempting to mask their offensive problems with a strong defense. That has resulted in a 3-2 record thus far this season, but it is difficult to maintain, particularly in a challenging division. This week should see the return of Pat Freiermuth and Diontae Johnson for the offense, which might be beneficial.

17: Los Angeles Rams

With Cooper Kupp back and looking like himself, the defense is performing admirably. Before the bye week, games against the Packers, Cowboys, and Steelers ought to serve as a useful yardstick.

18: Green Bay Packers

After the bye, they have a nice tune-up game against the Broncos, but Jordan Love needs to perform better, that much is true. They ought to contend for a wild card position if he does. The remainder of the journey will be up and down if he doesn’t.

19: New Orleans Saints

Although the Saints are now 3-3 despite having a highly advantageous schedule, losing to the Texans in Houston is not as devastating of a loss as it would have seemed before the season. Even with Alvin Kamara returning, Derek Carr has not been at his best for the majority of the season, despite throwing for 353 yards against the Texans. The good news is that their remaining games are still quite winnable.

20: New York Jets

The Jets’ defense has helped them defeat the Eagles and Bills. They are capable of doing that. Sadly, Zach Wilson has only thrown for more than 200 yards this season, and winning games on defense is difficult to achieve week in and week out. The offense is still ineffective.

21: Las Vegas Raiders

In order to get to 3-3 in the season, the past Patriots defeated the present Patriots. They should have a strong chance of defeating the Bears in Week 7. Though there are still enough games they can win to keep things interesting, the Jimmy Garoppolo injury is worth keeping an eye on.

22: Washington Commanders

This team’s season has seen more ups and downs than any other in the league thus far. lose badly to the Bills and force overtime with the Eagles? lose badly to the Bears at home and then triumph over the Falcons away from home? Given their past performance, I predict they will lose to the Giants this week, defeat the Eagles in Week 8, and then allow Malik Cunningham and the Patriots to score five touchdowns in Week 9.

23: Atlanta Falcons

Desmond Ridder punished us last week with a terrible performance at home against the Commanders, after we had given him the flowers he deserved. The Falcons are talented enough to prevail. They’re being held back by Ridder. They will eventually have to make a difficult choice.

24: Minnesota Vikings

Although I’m not sure whether holding off the Tyson Bagent-led Bears is cause for celebration, a win is a win. Sadly, they will face a furious 49ers team this week.

25: Indianapolis Colts

Against the Jaguars, Gardner Minshew appeared tough, and Anthony Richardson appears to be out for the remainder of the season. For a squad that, just one week ago, was capable of contending for the division, this is a difficult break.

26: Tennessee Titans

Despite being in a cast due to a severe ankle sprain, Ryan Tannehill does not appear to require surgery on the ankle that caused him to miss time during the previous season. Even with a week off to recuperate, it seems unlikely that he will be able to go, and this offense hasn’t been reliably effective with him starting at quarterback. With Malik Willis or Will Levis in charge, things are not likely to get better. Maybe this is too low for a squad that has defeated the Chargers and Bengals, but things in Tennessee might quickly get out of hand.

27: New York Giants

Almost beating the Bills is an accomplishment for this squad. The fact that it happened without Daniel Jones is not exactly the most promising development.

28: Arizona Cardinals

The preseason fun has evolved into more of what we anticipated. In the following three weeks, they face the Browns, Ravens, and Seahawks. When those games are over, they probably will be 1-8.

29: Denver Broncos

Being steadfast with the Chiefs is a plus, but the team is still winless and has little hope, and the head administration is obviously trying to ruin things. That process should be aided by a second game against the Chiefs and two of the following three games versus the Bills.

30: New England Patriots

The offense lacks talent, and the defense has lost two key members. They have to face the Bills and Dolphins over the next two weeks. Does Mac Jones survive as the starter through those two games?

31: Chicago Bears

It looks like Justin Fields will be out for quite some time, putting the Bears in an even better position to draft his replacement.

32: Carolina Panthers

We will always have 14-0.

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