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After the reserves were revealed, these are the complete rosters for the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. When the midseason showcase begins in Indianapolis on February 18, some of the greatest players of all time will be on the starting lineup of the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. Now that we know, it will also include a…

After the reserves were revealed, these are the complete rosters for the 2024 NBA All-Star Game.

When the midseason showcase begins in Indianapolis on February 18, some of the greatest players of all time will be on the starting lineup of the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. Now that we know, it will also include a mix of up-and-coming young players and a couple of Hall of Fame locks who will be starting off the bench.

On Thursday, the All-Star reserves were revealed. There are only 12 All-Star berths available per conference, so it seems like every year more outstanding players are being left out. With so much talent available and the league experiencing an all-time scoring surge, this may be the most competitive All-Star race in league history.

The 30 head coaches of the NBA selected the reserves for the All-Star team. As All-Star reserves, each conference will receive two backcourt players, three frontcourt players, and two wild-card selections. The game will once again be played in an East versus. West style this year. See our analysis of the starting NBA All-Stars in 2024 here. It was already known that LeBron James, Nikola Jokic, Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Giannis Antetokounmpo would start for the East, while Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum, Damian Lillard, and Tyrese Haliburton would start for the West.

The entire 2024 NBA All-Star team rosters are shown below.

East NBA All-Star 2024 reserves

Donovan Mitchell, G, Cleveland Cavaliers: Thanks to his amazing on-ball scoring skills, Donovan Mitchell has maintained the Cavaliers at the top of the Eastern Conference despite injuries to co-stars Evan Mobley and Darius Garland. Mitchell is a diminutive but powerful force attacking the basket and one of the finest downhill drivers in the game right now. Despite hitting just 34% from three this year, Mitchell is so confident and prolific that opponents are unable to stop him from taking easy shots. Mitchell has also been more focused defensively this season, pushing harder at the point of attack and recording career-best steal and block rates of 2.7 and 1.1 percent, respectively. Every team wants a backcourt standout like him.

Jalen Brunson, G, New York Knicks: In his second season with the Knicks, Brunson has definitely filled the vacuum left by Walt Frazier, who left the organization in the 1970s. Brunson succeeds despite never being the largest or quickest guard because of his incredible skill while handling the ball. Since joining the New York Knicks in free agency after departing the Dallas Mavericks, his scoring has skyrocketed as he’s grown more at ease making volume three-pointers. In comparison to his whole Dallas season, he has already made a lot more three-pointers this year, and he is making them at a career-best 42.2 percent rate. He was the main force behind New York’s 31-17 start, and I would have preferred him to start this game rather than Lillard.

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Tyrese Maxey, G, Philadelphia 76ers: In his fourth season, Maxey has emerged as a breakout player and made sure the Sixers haven’t faltered despite dealing for James Harden at the start of the year. With the ball in his hands, the 23-year-old guard is among the league’s quickest players. He complements Joel Embiid’s potent scoring with a deadly floater and an improving three-point shot. The Sixers are a real threat in the East as long as Embiid stays healthy, but it’s unsettling to think about where they would be without Maxey’s ascent.

Jaylen Brown, F, Boston Celtics: After agreeing to the largest contract in NBA history during the offseason, Brown had high expectations, but thus far he’s living up to them. With the addition of Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday to Boston’s starting lineup, Brown’s scoring has somewhat decreased, but he is still a vital member of a top defense and is hitting the three ball better (35.2%) and committing fewer turnovers. You can debate all day about who the genuine second-best player on the Celtics is, but Brown’s combination of one-on-one defense, strong straight-line slashing, and competent shooting is undeniably a major factor in the team’s success.

Bam Adebayo, C, Miami Heat: As the Heat made a miraculous run to the NBA Finals as a No. 8 seed last season, Adebayo displayed his extraordinary versatility for a center, and he’s been fantastic once more this year. The 26-year-old is still averaging over 20 points per game and is an excellent defender with great switchability, a solid rebounder, and a vital playmaker for the Miami offense. Bam’s special skill set is a big part of why the Heat are usually such a pain in the ass to play.

Paolo Banchero, F, Orlando Magic: A year after being selected as the first overall choice in the 2022 NBA Draft, Banchero is an All-Star. The 20-year-old forward’s refined one-on-one scoring, improving passing, and better three-point shooting have propelled the Magic into the postseason hunt. Banchero’s shot profile still has a ton of low-hanging fruit that can only become better with time. It speaks much about his talent that even if he was a little inefficient in his early career, he is now an All-Star quality player.

Julius Randle, F, New York Knicks: The Knicks and Randle have improved each other tremendously since they first decided to sign a cheap free-agency deal in 2019. In addition to his two All-NBA choices from New York, Randle has now earned a spot on the All-Star team once again. The burly forward’s game isn’t very attractive, but he’s overcome a poor start to once again demonstrate why he’s one of the conference’s most effective front-court players. Although his trademark bully-ball drives will always dominate his game, Randle is also an excellent distributor and dependable rebounder. Although he is now sidelined due to a shoulder injury, his season is deserving of praise.

West NBA All-Star 2024 reserves

Stephen Curry, G, Golden State Warriors: Though Curry is currently enjoying a fantastic individual season, the voters made the correct choice in starting Luka Doncic and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in the West. With 41% of 11.6 attempted three-pointers made per game, Steph continues to lead the NBA in three-point attempts made. Regrettably, the Warriors’ current state of disarray is unfortunate, since Curry appears capable of leading a championship squad even as he approaches his 36th birthday.

Anthony Edwards, G, Minnesota Timberwolves: Edwards possesses the potential to be a human highlight reel. In his fourth season, he has also demonstrated his ability to play basketball. The 22-year-old’s explosive cutting, improved three-point shooting, and big-play defensive skills have helped lead the Timberwolves to the top of the Western Conference. Not only is this his most productive scoring season to date, but he’s also recording his greatest assist %. Edwards is the conduit for the Wolves’ offensive when the game is close. As long as he keeps improving his shot selection and reduces his turnover rate, he will only become better.

Kawhi Leonard, F, Los Angeles Clippers: Since joining the Clippers in the summer of 2019, Leonard has only played occasionally due to injuries, but this year he has finally been healthy enough to have one of his finest regular seasons to date. When the 32-year-old is playing at his best, he feels unguardable because he can still overwhelm smaller players in the paint and is automatic from mid-range, making 44% of his threes. When it comes time to put the clamps on, Leonard will also from time to time remind you why he is one of the greatest wing defenders of all time. As long as Kawhi stays healthy, the Clippers pose a serious threat to winning the championship.

Anthony Davis, C, Los Angeles Lakers: Although LeBron James is leading the West in the All-Star Game, most Lakers supporters concur that Anthony Davis has been the team’s finest player thus far this year. Nearing his 31st birthday, Davis is still an offensive force to be reckoned with because of his long arms, lightning-fast closing speed, and flawless hand-eye coordination. He can shut down the rim and cover up his teammates’ defensive errors. He’s been attempting more shots around the rim this season and has continued to cut out some long twos, which has put him very close to having his most productive scoring season to date. The Lakers can reliably rely on AD to perform at an All-Star caliber on both sides of the court if he is well enough to play.

Devin Booker, G, Phoenix Suns: Following the summer trade of Chris Paul by Phoenix, Booker moved to point guard this season, and he’s been excellent in that position. While limiting his turnovers, the 27-year-old has already set career highs in three-point shooting (38.8%), assists (7.3 per game), and scoring (28.3 points per game) thus far this season. He is a genuine three-level scoring threat who scores baskets consistently in the halfcourt. Cleaning the Glass estimates that Booker attempts around 53% of his shots from midrange and hits them down at a rate of over 50%. He is an incredibly challenging cover because of his quickness, tenacity, and shooting touch. He also appears to have an answer for every move the defender makes against him.

Paul George, F, Los Angeles Clippers: James Harden, a real point guard, has opened up George for what may be his best season since he was a strong contender for the MVP award with the Thunder in 2019. With his knockout three-point shooting (41 percent from beyond the arc), agile dribble penetration, and reliable midrange pull-up ability, George can get buckets in whatever fashion you like. With 61 percent true shooting, he is presently enjoying his most productive scoring season to date.

Karl-Anthony Towns, F, Minnesota Timberwolves: Playing next to defensive guru Rudy Gobert and reliable scoring guard Anthony Edwards, KAT has finally found his ideal position. The 7-foot-8 player, who is 28 years old, can switch between being a floor-spacing player and a takeover scorer. With 44.3 percent of his triples on five tries per game, KAT is having what may be the best shooting season a big man has ever had. Towns was chosen over colleague Rudy Gobert, as the Wolves soared to the top of the Western rankings, I’m not sure I agree with that one, but KAT is unquestionably an offensive star.

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