Damar Hamlin

Football Player Collapses

The Buffalo Bills‘ safety Damar Hamlin was seriously hurt during the first quarter of their Monday night game against the Cincinnati Bengals Football Player Collapses. Hamlin stumbled shortly after tackling Tee Higgins, the receiver for Cincinnati. Hamlin got up, appeared to take a few seconds to fix his face mask with his right hand, then…

The Buffalo Bills‘ safety Damar Hamlin was seriously hurt during the first quarter of their Monday night game against the Cincinnati Bengals Football Player Collapses.

Damar Hamlin
Damar Hamlin

Hamlin stumbled shortly after tackling Tee Higgins, the receiver for Cincinnati. Hamlin got up, appeared to take a few seconds to fix his face mask with his right hand, then staggered back. His arms made touch with the ground at his sides. Emergency services treated him on the spot before an ambulance took him to a hospital. The game was stopped and then postponed. Here is a summary of a few medical issues that occurred during games or competitions that led to the suspension or postponing of the related contests for the events:

Bills’ Hamlin in critical condition after collapse on field

CLEVELAND (AP) — The Buffalo Bills announced early on Tuesday that Monday Night Football’s game had been postponed indefinitely due to a tackle that caused defensive back Damar Hamlin’s heart to stop. Hamlin passed out on the field during the first quarter of the nationally televised game against the Cincinnati Bengals. After receiving care for around twenty minutes, he was sent to the hospital.

“Damar Hamlin suffered a heart attack as a result of a hit he took against the Bengals.” According to a Bills statement, once his heartbeat was restored on tld,he fie he was brought to the UC Medical Center for more testing and treatment. He is now labeled as critical and under anesthesia. Hamlin’s family is doing well. According to Jordan Rooney, a family spokesperson who described himself as a close friend of the player and talked to ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, the players are in high spirits, but they deserve their solitude because they are going through a lot. Despite being under sedation, Hamlin won’t provide any more details on his condition.

All I can tell is that he is battling, Rooney said.
ESPN reports that despite being shielded by colleagues—many of whom were sobbing and hidden from view—Hamlin allegedly got CPR. When he tackled Bengals receiver Tee Higgins on a play that seemed routine and not overtly violent, he got hurt.
The NFL revealed Hamlin’s condition soon after he was sent to the hospital. hospital, but neither the institution nor the league gave any more details about the 24-year-old’s condition. Before the flight’s early Tuesday return to Buffalo, the team sent their statement to the public. As of right now, there was no information known on the video game’s future state.

Higgins led with his left shoulder on the play that resulted in Hamlin’s injury, striking the 6-foot-2, 200-pound athlete in the chest. Then, Hamlin dragged Higgins to the ground by encircling his shoulders and helmet with his arms. Not long after getting to his feet, Hamlin seemed to adjust his face mask with his right hand before tumbling back and staying still for about three seconds. After receiving on-field care from the team, outside medical personnel, and neighborhood paramedics, Hamlin was taken by ambulance to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Later, Hamlin was joined in the hospital by teammate Stefon Diggs. About a hundred Bills and Bengals fans gathered on a corner one block from the emergency hospital entrance; others were holding candles.

The NFL’s first priority is Hamlin’s well-being, and the organization has no intentions to play the game at this time, according to Jeff Miller, a senior vice president of the league, who joined in 1962. primary worry.Four minutes after Hamlin fell, an ambulance arrived on the scene, and teammates, including players Josh Allen of Chicago and Joe Burrow of Cincinnati, Ohio, consoled one another.

“Please pray for our brother,” tweeted Allen.

The Bills gathered in prayer after Hamlin was removed off the court for 19 seconds following his collapse at 8:55 p.m., which seemed like a lifetime. A few while after the ambulance left the field, the players cautiously left the field and went inside their locker rooms to await news on the game and Hamlin

Six-time Pro Bowl cornerback Troy Vincent, an NFL executive, stated, “I’ve never seen anything like it since I was playing,” on the conference call early on Tuesday. My player cap appeared out of nowhere as I witnessed a terrible event. “How do you get back into the game after witnessing something traumatic?” When Hamlin went for medical help, his clothing was damaged. ESPN said during the broadcast that Hamlin also took in oxygen. Vincent said that the league did nothing to resume the game, even though ESPN pundits had announced that there would be a five-minute warm-up. “We never thought of discussing a pre-game warm-up,” stated Vincent.That is not true. That shows a lack of compassion. We shouldn’t go there, yet we do.

Vincent stated that the Bills were returning early on Tuesday morning to their Orchard Park, New York, training facility, with the exception of a few players who stayed behind with Hamlin.

There were a lot of police officers present when the crew landed at Buffalo Niagara International Airport at about 2:45 a.m. A small crowd of onlookers gathered across the street from the players’ parking area, close to the airport. The cops closed up the road so the players could leave. In the first quarter of a game between teams vying for the top AFC playoff spot, the Bengals lead 7-3. Buffalo, the AFC East champion, came in at 12-3, while Cincinnati, the AFC North leader, came in at 11-4 after one victory over Baltimore. In a declaration, “The players in the league and everyone in the community offer prayers for Damar Hamlin,” the NFLPA stated. We have had excellent communication with both the NFL and the Bengals and Bills players. Right now, the only thing that counts is Damar’s welfare.

The incomplete game has major postseason implications as the NFL nears the last week of the regular season and the wild-card playoff round is scheduled to begin on January 14. Tight end Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills laid motionless on the ground following a tackle on the first kickoff of the second half during the team’s 2007 season opener against the Denver Broncos. In the beginning, Everett’s spinal cord damage left him just partially paralyzed.

In his home city of Pittsburgh, where he spent five years as a college student, Hamlin participated in forty-eight Panther games. He was chosen to play in the Senior Bowl, made the second team All-ACC, and was chosen as the captain of the team as a senior. After Micah Hyde was injured and he was taken by the Bills in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draught, he played in 14 games as a rookie before starting this season.Donations to the community toy drive organized by Hamlin reached over $3.7 million by Tuesday morning. He declared his desire to earn $2,500.Kathryn Bersani and her mother Gayle were among the Bills fans who drove from Buffalo to see the game. From the arena, the hospital.

It’s all about our family this Christmas, according to Kathryn Bersani. “We thought the game would be excellent. Joe Burrow and Josh Allen are amazing individuals. a really awful time. What a revelation. I just want him to lead a typical life. It astounded us. Following their home viewing of the game, Chuck and Janet Kohl visited the hospital. Chuck Kohl declared, “This is far more significant than football.” Had to make the trip in order to pray for Mr. Hamlin. Hamlin had 91 tackles before the game, including 63 single ends and 1.5 interceptions.


The circumstances in Cincinnati were strikingly similar to those that Danish football player Christian Eriksen encountered in June 2021 when competing for his country at the European Championship. He fainted in the 43rd minute of a match against Finland, and the medical staff subsequently assessed how close he came to passing out.

While many physicians worked quickly to give Eriksen chest compressions, his teammates fought back tears and formed a circle around the midfielder to keep the incident hidden from the public. He required a defibrillator to restart his heart. It was finally decided to restart that game after a 90-minute stoppage. After recovering, Eriksen took part in the World Cup in late 2017.


On December 12, 2020, Johnson was a player for Florida who was participating against Florida State. He dunk on an alley-oop with 16:18 left in the first half to make it 11-3. Johnson’s teammates in the Florida huddle gathered as the Seminoles signaled for a timeout. He went face-first on the floor as he turned to head back towards the midcourt stripe.

After again asking his teammates what they thought, he decided to keep playing. The game was merely delayed for a short while. He spent two days in the hospital in Tallahassee, Florida, and then eight more days in Gainesville, the home of the University of Florida Gators, in Florida. With the exception of one game, the preseason SEC Player of the Year never returned to play for Florida for an official start 15 months later, of one game. He returned to playing and transferred to Kansas State after that.


On February 11, 2020, while warming up for a game against the Anaheim Ducks, St. Louis Blues player Bouwmeester had a heart attack. Athletic trainers from both teams acted swiftly, and in the end, Bouwmeester was fitted with an implanted defibrillator to regulate his cardiac rhythm. He never took part in NHL play again.

The game was postponed.


It was the first frame of Detroit vs. Nashville on November 21, 2005. Fischer slumped on the Red Wings bench, and head coach Mike Babcock began wildly waving for help. Fischer experienced a seizure and fell forward. Fischer received CPR quickly. Babcock said that physicians could not find his pulse and that his heart had stopped before they shocked and revived it.

The match was delayed at first, then postponed. Fischer stopped playing again.


On March 4, 1990, while playing for Loyola Marymount against Portland in the West Coast Conference men’s collegiate basketball championship, Hank Gathers, one of the greatest scorers in the country, went away.

Less than three months earlier, Gathers had fainted during another game; further testing revealed that he suffered from arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat. After giving him his medicine, the dosage was eventually lowered. After a slam in the tournament game, he fainted around midcourt. After two hours of fruitless attempts to resuscitate him on the court, in an ambulance, and at a nearby hospital, he was pronounced deceased.


Chuck Hughes of the Detroit Lions had a heart attack on October 24, 1971, late in the fourth quarter of an NFL game between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions. An autopsy conducted around 50 minutes after the game revealed that the cause of the heart attack was a serious blockage in his left coronary artery. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Bears great Dick Butkus, who was standing closest to Hughes when he fainted, began frantically gesturing for assistance as soon as Hughes hit the ground. Doctors subsequently asserted that Hughes was essentially dead on the field, though.

The extent of the delay that occurred during the game has been disputed. In the end, the last 62 seconds of the game were played.


On January 15, 1968, Masterton went unexpectedly two days after sustaining a severe head injury while playing for the Minnesota North Stars against the Oakland Seals. He was believed to be the first player in the NHL to die in an on-ice collision. Doctors had to halt Masterton’s treatment, but the game was resumed later that night. He died as a result of serious brain injury and losing consciousness. Masterton didn’t wear a helmet at that time, just as most other NHL players.

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