7 Golf Chipping Games That Will Improve Your Short Game

7 Golf Chipping Games That Will Improve Your Short Game

We understand that golf practice can be tiresome. While improving your short game is crucial, spending all day on the practice green becomes monotonous. A game of chipping is the solution. Enjoy yourself, pit yourself against friends, and make a friendly wager as you work on your short game. Playing chipping games is an excellent…

We understand that golf practice can be tiresome. While improving your short game is crucial, spending all day on the practice green becomes monotonous.

A game of chipping is the solution. Enjoy yourself, pit yourself against friends, and make a friendly wager as you work on your short game.

Playing chipping games is an excellent way to learn without having to try. You enjoy yourself and pick up new abilities.

Bring a group of friends to the course and play some chipping games with them the next time you have an hour to work on your game.

You can talk some trash, laugh at your friends, have a couple of drinks, and leave the course with new skills.

It sounds good, doesn’t it? Tell us which of our chipping games is your favorite as you continue to read.

Chipping Games: How They Can Improve Your Score

Prior to diving into game play, let’s discuss the importance of your scorecard. Nobody ever makes a green on their approach shot. How do scratch players make so many pars if this is the case?

The solution is easy to understand. They get up and down with their short game. They continue their round by conserving strokes around the green.


Practicing chipping games rather than just smacking a few putts will help you gain this skill more quickly.

The distinction is that games with chips require you to compete against other players or yourself. You can better mimic how you’ll feel on the golf course by applying this additional pressure.

When you’re trying to beat your friend, you should ideally have some butterflies in your stomach. Can you make a good chip shot even though you’re nervous?

1-putts are a golfer’s best friend and the easiest way to have more 1-putts is to chip the ball close to the hole.

7 Golf Chipping Games You Should Try Today

Up-N-Down Challenge (Par 18)

a straightforward game that lets you practice both chipping and putting simultaneously.
Selecting your “9-hole course” for the game is the first step. The same hole may be used more than once, but you must strike the chips from various angles.

Use your imagination. Make some of the holes simple, and some difficult. Arrange various kinds of chips (flop, bump-n-run, etc.).

There are simple rules. You attempt to move up and down as you play your nine-hole course. Try to make the putt after hitting the chip.Every hole is a par two.
Similar to every other chipping game we have, you can compete with a friend. You have the option to finish in match play or stroke play.

Unable to make friends? Not a problem.
Play below par. Can you shoot below average? You underestimate how hard it is.

Play the same “9-hole course” more than once to set a “course record”. That becomes your new objective, which you can keep trying to defeat.


You can play this golf chipping game for hours after setting it up, which only takes a few minutes.

drawing three circles around a hole on a putting green with golf tees. Put another way, make a dart board.

Assign a point total to every circle. The “bullseye” hole is supposed to be worth 25 points. There are three circles: the closest is 15 points, the second is 10 points, and the third is 5 points.

Although you can play with as many players as you like, this game is best played with at least two. Three balls are given to each player.

Decide on a starting point, then alternately hit chips in the direction of the hole (the bullseye). Following all of the Once the chips are hit, total the points.
The winner is the player with the most points.
If different players use different colored golf balls, it will be simpler. After every shot, you have the option of marking your balls or letting them bounce off one another like in shuffleboard.

There’s more excitement when the balls are left on the green. Aim for an inadvertent hit when you place your first chip near the hole, and hope that someone else does the same!

Chip-In Challenge

Is there anything more thrilling than adding your two cents? How about a game of chipping where the only way to win is by doing that?

It’s kind of obvious from the name. Until someone makes it, you and your friend take turns hitting a chip. Whoever chips in first wins.

Choose a new shot as soon as someone wins. It might take some time to make a hard shot, but when it does, it will be an incredible feeling.
Participate in a big group game where each player contributes $1 for each shot. The pot is awarded to the victor. All of the chipping games are made more enjoyable with a small side wager.

When you make chips frequently while playing on the course, you’ll notice that you’re getting better at it.

Dollars On The Green

While it’s not necessary to place a small wager in most of our chipping games, it is in this one.

It’s an easy setup. Taking a few dollars out of their wallets, each player places them in various locations around the putting green.

Alternate who hits the chips. Your ball is yours if it stops on a dollar. Place it in your pocket after picking it up.

By inserting money into various holes on the practice green, you can combine this game with a “Chip In Challenge.”

Using different bill denominations on the green will add even more spice. It could be worth it to stop your golf ball on a $5 bill, just like Tiger Woods did!

H-O-R-S-E (Yes, We Stole It From Basketball)

Stealing chipping games from other sports is acceptable. Although it was designed for basketball, HORSE is a great tool for the putting green.

Two players are ideal for this game. As you choose a chip in turn, the player who places their chip closest to the hole wins a letter. Whoever spells “Horse” first wins!

What does “horse” mean? It seems to be as easy as choosing “horse” as the five-letter word they desired.

Having said that, you are free to choose any word. Do you want to play your game longer? Try out “Callaway” or “Titleist”!

Would you like it to be more difficult? Basketball rules are available for you to play. Before the other player must match the chip, the player must make the chip (chip-in).

The issue is that making a chip is far more difficult than making a jump shot in basketball. If you choose to play this version of the game, we advise using a word that is shorter.

Play “chip-in P-I-G” while sticking to the theme of farm animals. When you receive a letter, you will be ecstatic!

3-Foot Circle + 14 Club Challenge

We think this is our favorite chipping game out of all of them. It will make you laugh a lot and force you to be creative.

Look for someone to challenge. Each of you will hit a chip fourteen times. To leave as many shots as possible within three feet of the hole is the aim.

Whoa, we almost forgot to highlight the best part.You have to use all the clubs in your bag. Yes, you hit a single chip with each club.

How proficient is your 5-iron at chipping? Are you proficient at playing the bump-n-run driver?

Some of these shots are obviously ones that you would never make in a real round, but this game will demonstrate to you that there are multiple ways to strike any available chip.

Too many golfers make the error of always chipping with a wedge when there may be a better club in their bag.

For instance, instead of using a putter near the green, you can use a hybrid or 3-wood. This gives the ball an overspin and facilitates straighter rolling.

This chipping game will be the most beneficial to you out of all the ones on our list. It will help you get a feel for the greens and teach you that you have options.

Not to mention, watching your friend attempt to chip with their 5-iron will be hilarious!

Flop Shot Challenge

Is the flop the most exciting chip of all? When you swing forcefully, the ball soars into the air and gently touches the green.

That shot carries some risk. You can shank it or blade it if done incorrectly. It’s highly advised that you practice before attempting it on the course.

This is a very easy chipping game. Select a chip from the surrounding green and aim to place it near the opening. The sole requirement is that you must flop it.

If you have a hurdle to overcome, it will go more smoothly. A high wall was used to play this game on The Big Break on the Golf Channel.

We’re assuming you don’t have access to a wall. Not a problem. Use a little tree or shrub.
close to the putting green.

With the flop shot challenge, exercise caution. On the practice green, you don’t want to put other golfers in danger.

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